Prestige can be one of the best ways to control Pollution

There is a dire need of Pollution correction as it is a negative externality and to keep a check government organisations of different countries have defined environmental taxation a cost-effective way to reduce pollution emissions which will address both the issues first it can help in polluters to internalize the cost of pollution they are imposing on the rest of society and it can provide new tax revenue.

This taxation have brought important advantages, such as environmental effectiveness, economic efficiency, the ability to raise public revenue, and transparency it also helps in providing funds for improved waste disposable system, sewage water filtration and air purification. But in real world this taxation is not solving the purpose, it has to be optimising socially. As per the statistics these revenues are portraying negative impact for example, environmental taxes in Denmark have undesirable consequences in terms of distributional effects, as those taxes are shown to be regressive. Similar cases were found in Sweden and the United States. Environmental taxes clearly have political costs that complicate their implementation. Nonetheless, countries have employed taxes that, despite not being established for environmental reasons, perform similarly to an environmental tax. These implications enhance the importance of compensatory mechanisms that should come with the adaptation of such measures. Governments should implement mitigation strategies instead of punishing against the deed. People and organisations are much concerned about their reputation and prestige in the society they circumvent from the discredit. This fear of ignominy can be used as ammunition against pollution. The best way of application this by giving rating against their environment degradation, like which factory or industry is doing least pollution should be ranked first so this kind of ranking will develop a competitive attitude among corporate and manufacturing industries which head towards eco-friendly ways of manufacturing a very good example has been displayed by the Nestle, it has started a campaign for plastic waste reduction as per that consumers can exchange 10 empty packs of Maggi noodles for one fresh packet at retail shops. The programme has started at two places in Uttarakhand and could be introduced in other states later.

Similarly for controlling domestic pollution every house can be rated as per their domestic waste, electricity consumption and water wastage. Sooner people will make this as a pride issue of doing more pollution. Paying taxes and fines are only compensation which is easily payable but harm to social image cant be compensated so I will support pollution mitigation with prestige. Recently, 160 Puneites have been so far been caught in the act of spitting and asked to clean up by Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) since November 2, when the Anti-Spitting campaign was introduced. Wiping their spit has ashamed them more than paying fine, so this will help in keeping cleanliness.

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