How one time use plastic can be replaced…..

In today’s fast moving world we are opting for goods which are easy to handle, optimally time saver and light on our pocket, plastic as highly acclaimed is meeting our all needs satisfactorily but for this pleasure its highly taxing over our health and environment, don’t we have solutions to replace this sweet poison from our day today requirements. Here presenting you a synopsis of few eco-friendly substitutes for plastics.

1. Biodegradable takeaway cutlery:One time use plastic cutlery we are using in day today life will still be around till 5 centuries which is specifically made of polypropylene or polystyrene by polymerisation.

Areca leaf plates and bowl
Areca leaf plates and bowl

Eating in this plastic cutlery is causing grievous health issues to us, hot and chilled food partially breaks down styrene and benzene content in the food which is suspected as potential carcinogens and neurotoxin to humans and simultaneously reaches to our tissues and blood stream. Plastic cutlery is generally made of recycling grade-1 which is permissible for one time use along with precautions that it should not be reused or heated or chilled. One time use plastic cutlery has just benefited us with convenience otherwise its sacking our health and environmental health, it’s high time to choose eco-friendly alternatives for consumption. There are many manufacturers which are contributing towards compostable cutlery, which are composed of bamboo fibre, sugarcane residue and leaves of areca leaf plates and bowl. So, whenever you are planning to buy party cutlery go for the compostable one a small step towards plastic pile free world.

2. Eco-friendly carry bags:

Jute shopping bags
Jute shopping bags

Plastic bags have become silent companion of our shopping we have never taken care of keeping a shopping bag as we have made habit that its seller’s headache to provide a carry bag why should we worry about, this negligence is the key reason of unnecessary piling up of plastic. We should oblige ourselves for carrying our own shopping bag for the diminution of plastic demand. If we are eating or heating food in plastic bag are at the risk of getting many diseases like asthma, cancer and obesity. Increasing plastic garbage is also in filtering into main water streams and reaching till the wild animals and aquatic life causing severe harm, even burning of plastic releases suffocating gases which increase air pollution. There are many easy ways of making your own eco-friendly pet bags like from your old rags, if you are not good at crafting buy any jute bag, cloth bag, canvas bag and many more endless options other than plastics and feel proud to show love towards to your mother nature. Let’s start disgracing plastic bag users. Authorities should also take strict actions towards plastic distributors there should be complete ban on plastic bag production.

3.Alternative packaging material: Plastic is one of the favourite material for the packaging industries because of its durability and low cost albeit overlooking its venomous impact on nature as plastics are made from heated carbon and other materials that are not good for the environment. Science is progressing towards plastic alternatives for example:

a)Milk protein:

Buttons made  of milk protein- Casein
Buttons made of milk protein- Casein

Scientists have studied that milk protein can help produce a biodegradable plastic to make insulation, furniture cushions, packaging, and other products, surprising! Till now I was aware of its health benefits buts its benefiting nature also. Casein present in it is all doing to produce biodegradable material that complements the compressibility and stiffness of polystyrene. The contemporary milk-based plastic doesn’t crack easily, and it is less toxic. Looking forward for this invention.

b) Chicken Feathers:

chicken feathers
chicken feathers

Disposing of chicken feathers in United States is a biggest problem, but with the efforts of researchers feathers can be converted to water-resistant thermoplastic. Chicken feathers are composed of keratin protein maximally which has the property of toughness and durability like plastics. The keratin-based plastic is proven to be more resistant to tearing than other plastics made from soy, starch, and other agricultural sources. It is cost-effective, renewable, and fully biodegradable.

c) Liquid wood: It has the same texture and property as plastics which is petroleum free looks feels and acts like plastics but unlike petroleum-based plastic, because it is biodegradable along with that it is suitable for various product packaging. According to many researchers use this as substitute to make toys, golf tees, and hi-fi speaker boxes.

d) Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA):

PHA kitchen essentials
PHA kitchen essentials

These polyesters are biodegradable plastics that resemble with man-made polypropylene. They are less flexible than petroleum-based plastics, and useful in plastic films, injection-molded bottles, and packaging.

4. Water bottles:

Wheat straw water bottles
Wheat straw water bottles

For your information plastic bottles contain Bisphenol A (BPA) chemical, to improve the quality of plastic hard and clear. But BPA is most popular for its damaged to endocrine of human system, explicitly causes health problems for example cancer, neurological difficulties, early puberty in girls, reduced fertility in women, premature labor, and defects in newborn babies. The main entry gate for BPA in the human body is through plastic bottled drinks and consumables. Pregnant ladies are at major risk because significant amounts have been found in placentas and growing foetuses. A study conducted last year found that 96% of women in the U.S have BPA in their bodies. Then why to accumulate plastics in our blood stream if we can replace it with healthy options, like carrying metal or glass water bottles or instead of drinking bottled water we can use water purifiers a better substitute of plastic bottles which will help in culmination of plastic pollution.

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  1. Yes!!! Reducing the use of plastic is not only good for the environment but also for our own health too!!! It’s great that more and more people are becoming aware! Thanks to blogs like yours!

  2. I always re-use plastic! I use plastic bags, but they don’t sit around the house. They are used as garbage liners or catbox cleaners. Same with cups and such.

  3. I always try to use re-usable plastic, although easier said than done. Most supermarkets are trying to do away with single use plastic, but the large majority are still pushing them on us. I’ve done away with all single use items in the home and opted for re-usable but it still takes a bit of work as a consumer.

  4. Love this. I try to use as many reusable things as I can. We only have one planet after all. Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

  5. Love this progress. I hate the amount of waste we have done to the earth.

  6. What an important post. I’ve been trying to minimize our use of plastic so this is very helpful!!!

  7. We haven’t used a plastic bag in over 8 years! And I now carry stainless steal straws in my purse at all times!

  8. My government recently banned the use of plastic bags. The bags are a menace especially due to clogging of drainages causing a lot of damage during the rainy season. I stopped using them since then. I am now used to making use of woven bags.

  9. Plastic is really a very current problem and there are methods to replace them, they should only be used!

  10. What an interesting post. We definitely need to work towards saving our planet, and you’ve listed such a list of great ideas! Hopefully there will be more people who use eco-friendly substitutes for plastics. ~ Ola @ WanderWithOla

  11. I’ll keep these in mind. I am working on not using as much plastic. I don’t drink out of plastic water bottles anymore.

  12. I always bring my drinking bottle and eco bag with me. I try my best not to use any plastics

  13. I am gradually moving out using plastic as much as possible. I even carry a metal straw so i dont use the one time plastic straw we just throw away.

  14. I started re-using different things a long time ago, as I think we should take care of our environmentl I love eco-friendly carry bags! 🙂

  15. I actually got reusable ziplock bags and love them! I love finding ways to replace my single use plastics.

  16. I can’t agree more!!! The alternative is easy and we should all be concerned!

  17. I love these!! Climate change is real and honestly all the plastic that we are using is contributing to those changes that we are seeing. I know a restaurant where they only serve biodegradable straws, and I love them for that. I also am using reusable eco-friendly bags to carry my groceries. We change the world one step at a time.

  18. I get the strangest looks every time I go into a store toking my reusable bags. I have several that I keep in my car so I always have them when I need them, although I think some are on their last leg and will have to get replaced.

    1. This is the high time when we need to detrend the usage of one-time-use plastic bags

  19. I didn’t realize that chicken feathers were such a problem. But definitely need to think about all the things we do to waste and contribute to not wasting in the future.

  20. These are really great tips! We’ve already incorporated a couple into our daily routine!

  21. Thanks for sharing this. I am bookmarking your tips. I didn’t know that there are buttons made of milk proteins. I have already replaced my plastic bags with jute bags.

  22. I love all of the reusable and recyclable items that are starting to become available! I really think it will make a big difference.

  23. I made the switch to reusable shopping bags years ago and am so happy I did. I’m also working on keeping reusable straws in my car and not grabbing plastic utensils when I get takeout. It is a process but any little bit does help.

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